Monday, May 24, 2010

Farewell 40k Radio

So today's big news twist. Spencer over at 40k Radio is retiring from the podcasting business due to threats leveled against him and his family from an anonymous source. (Here's a link to the whole affair).

First off, I'd like to give my thanks and condolences to Spencer and his crew. In my long time periods away from the hobby (due to school), I regularly listen to them and amp myself up for the next time I can sit down and paint or play a game. Even though the likelihood of this being read by them is slim, once again, thank you 40k Radio for keeping my passion for this game and hobby alive.

Second, I hate people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet with a passion. It disgusts me to think that we live in a modern age of logic and reasoning and people like this act cowardly and disgracefully. There is no place for behavior like this in our hobby or our lives. These people should be ashamed.

*End of Rant*