Monday, December 20, 2010

Space Wolf Terminator

Surprisingly enough, I finished this while taking breaks studying for my music final. This is a part of the Space Wolves army that I've been working on over a long period of time. For gits and shiggles, I put hazard stripes on the chainfist so that the Xenos scum know to get out of the way.

Upcoming, I've got a couple projects starting to flesh themselves out more. 

1) I'm going to be painting up a Unicorn by Reaper Mini as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Not just any unicorn. It'll be a Robot Unicorn.

2) As soon as I've edited them, I'll post photos of that scout squad that has been in progress for a while.

3) Lastly, I'm finally getting around to getting started on a Warmachine Army, but I'm still beating back and forth between what to start.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Avatar of Khaine

I was looking for something to add to my Eldar army and finally thought: "You know, the Avatar is kind of iconic - even if the pewter model is crap in compared to Forgeworld." So I did some cutting and pinning and greenstuffing for the following result. Both the arms are reposed, the torso is taller and bulked out a little more and the hair has been turned and bulked out so it doesn't look atrocious.

Rather than painting the upper most lava layers as a super dark red or black, I just left it at red since I really wanted this guy to pop out from the rest of my Eldar army. I spray coated with white primer and gradually worked up through yellows and oranges and then to red. All the armor got a coat of black and then painted up with usual gold recipe. The sword has a slightly blue sheen to it due to a thinned out wash of blue ink (yes, I still have a bottle of blue ink. It works just fine for what I need.)

I also tried experimenting with some basings effects - blending the blood spatter on the snow into a (hardly visible in the photo) pool of water effect around the Avatar's feet to represent the fact that he is the flaming god of war and his every step scorches the earth beneath him. Didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, but oh well.

If you notice the helmet on the ground, it's painted in the same color scheme as the Space Wolves commission that my friend hired me to do.

On another note, I turned 21 today. Bar run tonight!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gorgon Knights Scouts

Here are a couple of Scouts from my Gorgon Knights chapter. Rather than go with the usual gold, I decided to make it a much darker scheme than usual, while simultaneously making a subtle reference to the Iron Hands (their parent chapter). They are after all Scouts, they infiltrate and tend to rely on stealth. Wearing bright colors doesn't help that at all. A subtle detail that I'll be incorporating is (with the exception of the Sergeants) is the fact that the Scouts don't bear the chapter emblem, a right that they earn when they become full battle-brothers. The most noticeable thing is the use of Pig Irons' Heavy Infantry heads. Even though they're space marines, they still wear helmets into battle. Doing anything else mere combat stupidity.

The paint scheme was heavily inspired from the Halo series of video games - mainly on the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (the best of non-augmented human soldiers). I have a hard time painting with darker pallets. I find that trying to stick to it creates a rather boring model. Fortunately, it allows me to play with metallic paints much more than I'm usually able to and try to simulate a True Metallic look. The helmet visors were definitely a nice contrast to the rest of the model. 

As usual, C&C welcome.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Counts-As Commander Dante

Throwing up some pics of my counts-as Commander Dante.


Monday, September 13, 2010

More Gorgon Knights

The latest model I've finished for my Gorgon Knights Space Marine chapter - an Honor Guard Veteran wielding a Thunderhammer. I had to paint the legs, torso and backpack before entirely assembling the model, otherwise the giant hammer would've gotten in the way of brushwork.


Space Wolves Commission

I'm not dead, just too busy to actually post anything. Here's some pics of the Space Wolf commission I've been working on for some time now.

My client wanted a darker, bluer Space Wolf scheme in order to distinguish his force a little more. He also wanted a more hard-popping style of highlights to simulate almost a cel-shaded comic book. In order to keep the army from looking too much like a deployment of Ultramarines, I decided to use bronze as the primary metallic, as opposed to my usual Gold.

The flash from the camera made this guy extra blue looking and makes him look almost like an Ultrasmurfmarine. He looks like the rest of the following Wolves.

This guy actually has eyes, but the angle of the photo just happened to hide it perfectly. Oops.

As always, C&C welcome.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


So it's been a month since my last post, but i haven't been sitting on my hands the entire time.

I've completed painting two Tactical squads (nothing exceptionally new in those guys), assembled some more Death Company and Assault Marines, have prepped my Scouts for priming and finished (for the most part) a few models that are certainly centerpieces of the Gorgon Knights chapter. 

First up, is Chapter Master Kelzax (my Counts-As Commander Dante). I wanted to make my army commanders models that are truly mine and no one else's. Seeing as how I'm terrible with greenstuff or scratch building, I went with kitbashing. For this guy, I used the glaive from a Grey Knight, Legs and Jump Pack from an Assault Marine, Chest, Cape, Left Shoulderpad and Iron Halo from the Commander box set, and the Helmet and Infernus Pistol from the Death Company box. 

Due to a wedding I had to attend, I wasn't present for the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center's "Malleus Imperator" event. However, I did have this model submitted into their painting competition and lo and behold.

Here's Chief Librarian Diomedes (Counts-As Mephiston). Once again, I wanted a model that would be mine and did very little converting other than kitbashing. The left shoulder pad, torso and legs come from the Death company box set (blood drops shaved off and filled with green stuff). The cape comes from the Dark Elf Corsairs, while the pistol and right shoulder are from the tactical sprue. The sword comes from a Dark Angel's kit. The Psychic Hood was made using a shoulder pad that I carved out with a hobby knife and the cabling was done with green stuff. This is one of the only models that I will have that isn't wearing a helmet...

I learned quite a few things while painting these models. 

First, patience pays off. Being a good miniatures painter is knowing that you'll have to touch up constantly and techniques such as blending and gradual highlighting are only achieved through patient work. The lightning on my Librarian's left shoulder and the weapons on both model are testament to that. 

Second, I've come to the conclusion that I don't really enjoy painting an ultra-realistic miniatures. Don't get me wrong, I think it's highly impressive work and absolutely fantastic art. But I found out after perfecting my gold technique and attempting some non-metallic metal that it really doesn't work for me. I like that comic book-esque, cell shaded art over the photo-realism approach. Neither way is wrong, it's just a matter of taste.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Farewell 40k Radio

So today's big news twist. Spencer over at 40k Radio is retiring from the podcasting business due to threats leveled against him and his family from an anonymous source. (Here's a link to the whole affair).

First off, I'd like to give my thanks and condolences to Spencer and his crew. In my long time periods away from the hobby (due to school), I regularly listen to them and amp myself up for the next time I can sit down and paint or play a game. Even though the likelihood of this being read by them is slim, once again, thank you 40k Radio for keeping my passion for this game and hobby alive.

Second, I hate people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet with a passion. It disgusts me to think that we live in a modern age of logic and reasoning and people like this act cowardly and disgracefully. There is no place for behavior like this in our hobby or our lives. These people should be ashamed.

*End of Rant*


Friday, April 30, 2010

Titan Talk

Image Courtesy of Games-Workshop Forgeworld

The table is yours for Titan Talk. We've all seen them on Forgeworld's website and our jaw drops at both the huge scale of the model and the price tag. We've heard what it does on the tabletop, whether gloriously breaking enemy superheavies or slaying infantry in the droves.

I'm highly considering getting a Titan (Warhound or Revenant) for my next modeling project (since a third army at the time doesn't interest me very much). I'd like to hear what some of you have to say. How satisfying is it to build and paint one of these things? Is it worth it to spend so much money on an item that will probably get used once or twice a year? And on the occasion that you do bust it out onto the tabletop, does it perform? What are your experiences with these things?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Your Hormagaunt Won't Get Cheaper

I had a conversation with a friend the other day who claimed that his hormagaunts were overpriced simply because they had a BS of 3, in contrast to the Genestealer who is properly priced (and min-maxed) because it has no ranged weapons to benefit from, thus a BS of 0. Does adding a BS to a model with no ranged weapons make it more costly points wise?

The answer is a resounding no.

Regardless of its actual Ballistic Skill, a model without ranged weapons has an effective Ballistic Skill of 0. A hormagaunt with BS 10 will cost no more or less than a normal hormagaunt. Add any ranged weapon to its outfit and then the cost of the model will skyrocket.

Why Ballistic skill and not anything else? Because no other stat can be ignored with the exception of specific rules. Your WS/S/T/I/W/Ld/Sv are all going to be referenced at some point. Whether or not those stats are effective is a different matter entirely.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitbashing is the Best Bashing

So I picked up a box of the Blood Angels Death Company for purposes of kitbashing a Counts-As Death Company as well as various other projects.

This is my Company Champion, using a lot of parts from the Death Company kit, including the legs, torso, head and the winged blood details on the shoulder pads and then the sword and combat shield from the Assault Squad. For both models, I was very careful to clip off any and all blood drops from the models. I feel that the shoulders are probably the best part of the model. I clipped away the blood drops and shaved it down to look like a wing and simply glued them to the model.

This would be my Gorgon Knights Reclusiarch (for the occasions that I field my Space Marines as Blood Angels). I took one of the running robed bodies and a power mace from the Dark Angels kit, the skull helmet from the Chaos Marines kit, an Infernus Pistol and shoulder pad from the death company kit and used various other bitz to round off the conversion (such as the Terminator Laurel as a crozius head). While compared to the previous model, he looks rather plain, I plan on doing a lot of freehand painting on those robes to make him really pop off the table.

And of course, the power of magnets allow me to swap backpacks.

So what kinds of kitbashing have you done? How do you do it? Post links to your kitbashes!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Alive

This was a triumph.

I'm still alive, just been buried under a mountain of school work, work and now bronchitis. But hey, sickness allowed me to work on some hobby stuff and post some pics that should've been posted a while ago.

Here's the completed Terminator Sergeant from my Painting Gold tutorial


Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Paint Gold

Following up on my last post, here's a tutorial on how I paint my gold.

1) Prime black and basecoat your gold sections in Bestial Brown. This doesn't have to be a perfect coat.

2) Add several thin layers of Dwarf Bronze. Metallic paints tend to have odd textures when layered on too thick. Be patient and don't use TOO thin of a mix of paint or else the glitter will separate from the binder and pigment of the paint.

3) Using a 1:1 ratio of Burnished Gold : Dwarf Bronze, add several thin layers to your metallic sections.

4) Paint several thin layers of pure Shining Gold

5) Mix a 4:1 ratio of Burnished Gold : Mithril Silver and apply to your higher sections, leaving the lowest recesses pure Burnished Gold. The goal is to lighten up the gold to really pop.

6) Mix a 1:1 ratio of Burnished Gold to Mithril silver. Highlight the parts of the model that will reflect in the light. For a more advanced technique, use the same principles of non-metallic metals using metallic paint.

7) Highlight with pure Mithril Silver for that super polished effect.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I've Been Painting

So I haven't been sitting on my hands for the past two weeks. Here're the fruits of my labors.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Report - Seize and Slaughter Pt 2

So the teams were set and the battle lines drawn. It was time to wage war.

For ease of writing, Team A will be Space Wolves/Eldar/Imperial Guard/Tyranids and Team B will be Chaos/Chaos/Tau/Space Marine/Orks

Turn 1 - Team A
With three Land Raiders filled with assault troops, two defilers, a Stompa and a plethora of other nasties lined up at our doorstep, we knew that so much depended on this first shooting phase.

Logan Grimnar and his Wolfguard Terminators drop podded right in front of the Tau Hammerheads and nearby the Green Tide. Between the Cyclone Missile Launcher and Arjac's Thunder Hammer, they only gained a stunned result on a single gunship. The Tyranid carnifexes and Genestealers on the right flank moved up, under cover of the spore chimneys (they would also run in the shooting phase).

The Seer Council cast Fortune on themselves and attempted to Doom the enemy possessed but was nullified by the enemy Inquisitor's Psychic Hood. The flew up 12 inches in front of the center Chaos Land Raider and threw spears into its hull, doing nothing thanks to Daemonic Possession. Eldrad cast Fortune on his Wave Serpent and Guided the Falcon, while Doom was once again nullified, and moved 12" away and fired it's twin-linked bright lance at the Imperial Land Raider and immobilizing it, while concealing most of its hull behind the Space Wolf Land Raider. The Falcon would move 6" to the left flank to gain full view of the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince. After a torrent of fire, the Prince fell. My Vypers would move 24" towards the middle of the board to prepare to assist where the battle needed them.

The Imperials sent their orders out to fire on the two biggest threats - the Stompa and the Defiler. The Leman Russ Vanquisher, the Land Raider, and the Lascannon Teams (who failed their Orders check) would fire at the Stompa and disable both the Dethkannon, the close combat weapon and the Supa-Gatla (a victory, if you ask me). Meanwhile, autocannon teams would fire at the Defiler, miraculously destroying it. A Rune Priest and Long Fangs would split their fire at the second Defiler and the Stompa, destroying the former and doing nothing to the latter, while Grey Hunters would wait for the moment to strike. Meanwhile, one Chimera with Melta Veterans drove for the Stompa, while the other began making for one of our secondary objectives. Basilisk fire rained onto the Noise marine Rhino, wrecking the vehicle. The Manticore would hold its fire until the time was right.

In the assault phase, the Seer Council would fearless ride into the throng of Land Raiders, laying blows onto the middle one in hopes of stemming the flow of melee warriors ready to disgorge from it. The vehicle was wrecked, but all but one Berserker managed to get out of the vehicle...

Turn 1 - Team B
All on our left flank, Khorne Berserkers and Plague Marines would exit their transports and prepare to slaughter the four Eldar in their midsts. Only a single Warlock fell in the shooting phase to a torrent of Boltgun and Sonic Blaster fire. The rest are cut down in the ensuing melee while the Farseer fails to flee the combat and is slain as well. The possessed and Chaos Lord slowly advanced up the field, with even softer prey in mind... The Vanguard Veterans and Pedro fearfully remain in their immobilized Land Raider.

Towards the middle field, the Inquisitor and the Vindicare Assassin would do nothing. Grot mechanics scrambled to get the Stompa's Dethkannon back online, readying it to fire on the next turn. The Green Tide would shout their praises to Gork n' Mork (or perhaps Mork n' Gork...) and charge Logan and his Wolf Guard, who met them head on in a counter-attack. After the corpses were tallied, all of the the Wolfguard (including Arjac) were dead, Logan suffered a single wound and a little over a dozen Ork boyz were killed.

The Tau lit up the Paskquisher and the Space Wolf Land Raider with Markerlights and after three Railgun shots to each, the mighty tanks were nothing but burnt out husks. The Chaos Land Raider would unload its Lascannons into the Falcon, but only shook the vehicle.

Turn 2 - Team A
None of our reserves came in to support us, so we were on our own for now. Eldrad's Fortune was nullified by the Psychic Hood, but his second casting of it went through. Guide went to Vypers, who would move 6 inches towards the left flank to unload their firepower into the Inquisitor and his Retinue, slaughtering all but a single mystic and the Inquisitor Lord. The Wave Serpent would move 12" closer to our secondary objective and fire its Bright Lance at the Stompa, once again disabling the Dethkannon. The Guard's Manticore and Basilisks would fire into the conglomeration of Cultist Marines - slaying all of the Plague Marines and Noise marines as well as several Khorne Berserkers. Mortar fire and Lasgun fire would pepper the the possessed and surviving Berserkers, but with no results. The shaken Falcon would move 18" away to get a Cover Save.

The Chimera carrying Meltavets drives forward, unloads its squad who fire into the Stompa for a drive damaged result and a weapon destroyed. The second Chimera parks onto the secondary objective.

On the right side, the Genestealers and Carnifexes surged foward into the melee. Out of that entire swarm, only two Carnifexes did not make it into combat. Commence the flinging of body parts. Nearly 40 Ork Boyz and the Warboss were killed between the Genestealers, Carnifexes and Logan Grimnar, while only 7 Genestealers and Logan suffered wounds. Another 20 plus Boyz would die to No Retreat! wounds.

Turn 2 - Team B
Due to the Imperial Guard Officer of the Fleet, none of the enemy's reserves came into play.

The Possessed, Terminator Lord, and both squads of Khorne Berserkers surge forward, colliding gloriously into a Mortar Team and an Infantry Squad. Needless to say, it was Team B's turn to commence the flinging of body parts. Both the Mortar Team and the Infantry Squad were butchered to the man. The Stompa decided to just unload whatever weaponry it could at the nearby Chimera, shaking it, while the Broadsides turned their sights on it and, with the aid of Markerlights, sent it up in flames. The Tau Command Squad moved to fire into the melta vets, slaying several of them due to effective cover save rolls. The squad decides to stick around rather than run like pansies. Hammerhead gunships turn to fire on unengaged Carnifexes, dealing two wounds to one and a single wound to the other.

Even more body parts began flying around as another 20 some orks fall to the Genestealers and Logan, with only a few wounds being dealt to Team A's forces, as two carnifexes take a wound and 3 genestealers fall. With less than 20 Boyz standing by the end of this turn, this combat would be over by the end of the next turn.

Keep an eye out for the next post...

Squirrel_Fish out

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Gorgon Knights

For various reasons, I'm doing some painting and repainting and would like to proudly reintroduce my Space Marine army - the Gorgon Knights. 

The main reason why I did this is because I felt that by painting my marines as Salamanders, I would feel obligated to use Vulkan He'Stan in every single army list I wrote. This way, I can field other HQ choices or even field using different Codexes. I still need to figure out an interesting chapter badge, but that'll come to me eventually.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Report - Seize and Slaughter Pt 1

The teams were drawn and on the 9th of January, they met full force.

Team 1 consisted of Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Crimson Fists, Tau and Ork forces while Team 2 consisted of Tyranid, Imperial Guard, Space Wolf and Eldar forces.

Chaos 1's army consisted of:
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
Khorne Berserkers
Plague Marines in Rhino
Noise Marines in Rhino
Land Raider
His Strategic Asset was Corrupt and Despoil

Chaos 2's army:
Terminator Lord of Khorne w/ Daemonweapon
Khorne Berserkers
10 Chaos Terminators
Land Raider
His Strategic Asset was Daemon Shell

Tau's army:
Battlesuit Command Squad
Fire Warrior Team x2
Hammerhead x3
Broadside Battlesuit Team
Strategic Asset: Network Markerlight

Ork army:
Da Green Tide
Strategic asset: I don't remember

Space Marine Army:
Pedro Kantor
Inquisitor Lord with 2 Mystics and a Sage
Culexus Assassin x2
Vindicare Assassin
Big Decked out Vanguard Veteran Squad
Land Raider
Strategic Asset: The super orbital bombardment

Team 2: Eldar Army
Farseer with Three Warlocks on Jetbikes
Eldrad Ulthran
Autarch with Jump Generator
5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent
6 Fire Dragons
2 Vypers
8 Warp Spiders
Strategic Asset: Hammerfall

Tyranid Army:
Genestealer Brood x3
Carnifex x4
Strategic Asset: Chimney Spores

Imperial Guard:
Company Command Squad
Inquisitor Lord with Mystics and Sages
Veterans with Meltaguns
Veterans with Meltaguns
Platoon Command with Commissar and Priest
Several Infantry Squads
2 Mortar Teams
Autocannon Team
Lascannon Team
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Vanquisher with Pask
Basilisk x2
Strategic Asset: Giant Orbital Bombardment

Space Wolves:
Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest x2
3 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor and Arjac Rockfist
Drop Pod
Grey Hunters in Rhino
Grey Hunters in Rhino
Long Fangs
Strategic Asset: Vortex Grenade

The scenario that we played was Seize and Slaughter. We rolled the scatter die to find the no man's land and set our objectives, each side putting their primary objective in their territory and a tertiary objective in enemy land and in the no man's land. Contrary to regular apocalypse suggestion, we decided to do the standard roll off to decide who got to deploy and take first turn, with no stealing of the initiative. Us (Team 2) won the roll and decided to deploy first, knowing that destroying or disabling the Stompa was our only hope of surviving.

The IG Player set his ordnance behind cover where it would remain untouched for most of the game and scattered his infantry squads and heavy weapons around and in cover whenever possible to provide support. SW Long Fangs sat inside cover with two Rhinos filled with Hunters to back them up. The Tyranid Player set his spore chimneys up on the right flank to try and completely cover his advance of Carnifexes and Genestealers. One squad of Genestealers and the Broodlord would be outflanking. I set up my Seer council, Wave Serpent with Eldrad/DA, Vypers and Falcon with Fire Dragons towards the middle, knowing that they'll probably be re-deployed due to Eldrad's Divination ability. Autarch/Warpspiders, Marbo, the Trygon, Raveners and Logan/Wolf Guard in Reserves to deep strike into play.

The enemy team decided to go for a two pronged deployment. The Tau and the Green Tide would deploy on our right flank (Broadsides up high for full LOS to the entire battlefield), the Stompa stood in the middle of their line to support either side and all three Land Raiders (filled with Berserkers, Pedro and Vanguard Vets), Possessed, Terminator Lord, Rhinos filled with cultist marines and a Vindicare assassin sat on our left flank ready to roll over some guardsmen and Space Wolves. Next to the Stompa sat both Defilers ready to tear into squishy guardsmen. The Inquisitor Lord sat in the middle of the table behind the Stompa for safety. The Culexus Assassins and chaos Termies would stay in reserve.

Seeing the entire left flank ready to fall, I rolled to redeploy up to 3 units. Seeing that the left flank would need reinforcing, I moved the Falcon, Seer Council and Wave Serpent there.

The lines drawn and the forces deployed, we prepared to wage war......

Catch part two next time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death on Swift Wings

Here's an Eldar list that I've drawn up recently to adapt to my local meta of deep-striking several 'bomb' units that are capable of wrecking entire lines. The idea is that this army really has no 'line' to attack and should always be on the move. When the opportunity arises, unload enough firepower into targets to make sure that they don't get back up.

Farseer (Guide, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding - 140)
Autarch (70)
Fire Dragon x5 (80)
- Wave Serpent (TL-Scatter Laser, Spirit Stones, Star Engines - 140)
Dire Avenger x5 (60)
- Wave Serpent (TL-Bright Lance, Spirit Stones, Star Engines, Shuriken Cannon - 170)

Dire Avenger x5 (60)
- Wave Serpent (TL-Bright Lance, Spirit Stones, Star Engines, Shuriken Cannon - 170)
Vyper x3 (Starcannons, Shuriken Cannons - 240)
Vyper x2 (Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons - 140)
Vyper x2 (Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons - 140)
Fire Prism (Spirit Stones, Holo-Fields, Shuriken Cannon - 170)
Fire Prism (Spirit Stones, Holo-Fields, Shuriken Cannon - 170)

Total: 1750

If I'm facing an army that depends high on an alpha strike (Drop Pods, Tzeentch Daemons, IG Gunlines, Deep-striking armies), then my forces will be placed in Reserves in order to deny them the hit and then I'll use the Autarch's reserve bonus to come in and hopefully cripple their forces. The Vypers, while expensive and fragile, are the back bone of my shooting. By moving the Wave Serpents flat-out and then using the Star Engines in the shooting phase, I plan on screening as many Vyper Squadrons as possible in order to negate their fragility. The Farseer will put Guide a squadron and watch as the torrents of dice just bog down their targets. Fire Prisms will be the principle anti-tank roles in the army with the Fire dragons and Wave Serpents able to pick up the roles if need be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everyone Eventually Moves On - The Space Marine story

Pictured above is my Salamanders Dreadnought, the most recent model that I've completed. What's wrong with this? This model was finished at least a month and a half ago and I haven't had the will to paint anything else.

Now, during the Apocalypse game last Sunday, two of my friends (who play space marines) stated their intention to switch to Space Wolves and Chaos Marines. After thinking about it a while, I understand why.

The Space Marine is the poster child, it's the "easy army" to play, easy to make an effective list and has a very forgiving learning curve. The drawback? Once most people learn the game and delve into more advanced tactics, they see that the current Space Marine codex is garbage. It's boring to write a list, reasonably boring to play one and it feels that every other army in the game keeps getting more and more toys that allow it to lay waste to your 10 man tactical squads, your Land Raiders, your Dreadnoughts (I'm looking at you new Zoanthropes!) and what have you.

Heck, even from a hobby stand point, it's relatively boring. You paint dozens of dudes are intended to look exactly the same (props to the new Space Wolves kit for breaking the cliche of a power-armoured face in the crowd). Most of your vehicles are based on the Rhino-chassis, meaning you have a box, a box with a gun in front, a box with a gun on top, or a box with a bigger gun on top.

The Space Marines are indeed the poster child - it's how people learn the game. But once they reach another level game play, do they still find satisfaction in using those men in cans? I know that after playing Necrons, then switching to Eldar, then Space Marines as my latest army, I'm finding them very lacking in unit selection, model appeal and play enjoyment. I really should've saved the $300+ I spent and gotten more Eldar. :-/

I know that most players start out the game playing Space Marines or some other MEQ equivalent. If you're one of these players, have you changed your principle army? Did you play another army and then switch to Space marines for whatever reason? What are your thoughts?


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apocalypse Scenario - "Seize and Slaughter"

(Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics, unrelated to 40k but would make an epic Indepdendent Character)

So I've been organizing an apocalypse game for this Sunday and just wanted to throw the scenario that I've been creating for it on here for posterity. Pics will be provided as well as an attempt at a battle report.

The game is about 8000 per side (so not a huge apoc game, but enough to consume the entire day).

Basically, it's Seize Ground with a twist. Each team gets one Primary Objective and two Secondary Objectives. Each team also nominates a single Independent character who acts as the 'commander'. If there is a Unique or Special Character, then he/she must be the Commander. If there is more than one Special character, the teams nominate one.

1) For each Primary Objective a team controls, they get two Victory Points.
2) For each Secondary Objective a team controls, they get one Victory Point.
3) If a team kills the enemy Commander, they get one Victory Point.
4) If a team kills all of the enemy HQ choices, they get one Victory Point (in addition to the one they get for killing the Kommander).

Troop choices are the only ones who can control an objective. Completely destroying a unit does not give a victory point. In the unlikely situation that the enemy is tabled, the surviving team wins.

Thoughts, opinions?