Monday, October 4, 2010

Avatar of Khaine

I was looking for something to add to my Eldar army and finally thought: "You know, the Avatar is kind of iconic - even if the pewter model is crap in compared to Forgeworld." So I did some cutting and pinning and greenstuffing for the following result. Both the arms are reposed, the torso is taller and bulked out a little more and the hair has been turned and bulked out so it doesn't look atrocious.

Rather than painting the upper most lava layers as a super dark red or black, I just left it at red since I really wanted this guy to pop out from the rest of my Eldar army. I spray coated with white primer and gradually worked up through yellows and oranges and then to red. All the armor got a coat of black and then painted up with usual gold recipe. The sword has a slightly blue sheen to it due to a thinned out wash of blue ink (yes, I still have a bottle of blue ink. It works just fine for what I need.)

I also tried experimenting with some basings effects - blending the blood spatter on the snow into a (hardly visible in the photo) pool of water effect around the Avatar's feet to represent the fact that he is the flaming god of war and his every step scorches the earth beneath him. Didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, but oh well.

If you notice the helmet on the ground, it's painted in the same color scheme as the Space Wolves commission that my friend hired me to do.

On another note, I turned 21 today. Bar run tonight!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gorgon Knights Scouts

Here are a couple of Scouts from my Gorgon Knights chapter. Rather than go with the usual gold, I decided to make it a much darker scheme than usual, while simultaneously making a subtle reference to the Iron Hands (their parent chapter). They are after all Scouts, they infiltrate and tend to rely on stealth. Wearing bright colors doesn't help that at all. A subtle detail that I'll be incorporating is (with the exception of the Sergeants) is the fact that the Scouts don't bear the chapter emblem, a right that they earn when they become full battle-brothers. The most noticeable thing is the use of Pig Irons' Heavy Infantry heads. Even though they're space marines, they still wear helmets into battle. Doing anything else mere combat stupidity.

The paint scheme was heavily inspired from the Halo series of video games - mainly on the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (the best of non-augmented human soldiers). I have a hard time painting with darker pallets. I find that trying to stick to it creates a rather boring model. Fortunately, it allows me to play with metallic paints much more than I'm usually able to and try to simulate a True Metallic look. The helmet visors were definitely a nice contrast to the rest of the model. 

As usual, C&C welcome.