Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apocalypse Scenario - "Seize and Slaughter"

(Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics, unrelated to 40k but would make an epic Indepdendent Character)

So I've been organizing an apocalypse game for this Sunday and just wanted to throw the scenario that I've been creating for it on here for posterity. Pics will be provided as well as an attempt at a battle report.

The game is about 8000 per side (so not a huge apoc game, but enough to consume the entire day).

Basically, it's Seize Ground with a twist. Each team gets one Primary Objective and two Secondary Objectives. Each team also nominates a single Independent character who acts as the 'commander'. If there is a Unique or Special Character, then he/she must be the Commander. If there is more than one Special character, the teams nominate one.

1) For each Primary Objective a team controls, they get two Victory Points.
2) For each Secondary Objective a team controls, they get one Victory Point.
3) If a team kills the enemy Commander, they get one Victory Point.
4) If a team kills all of the enemy HQ choices, they get one Victory Point (in addition to the one they get for killing the Kommander).

Troop choices are the only ones who can control an objective. Completely destroying a unit does not give a victory point. In the unlikely situation that the enemy is tabled, the surviving team wins.

Thoughts, opinions?

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