Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apocalypse Battle Report - Seize and Slaughter Pt 1

The teams were drawn and on the 9th of January, they met full force.

Team 1 consisted of Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Crimson Fists, Tau and Ork forces while Team 2 consisted of Tyranid, Imperial Guard, Space Wolf and Eldar forces.

Chaos 1's army consisted of:
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
Khorne Berserkers
Plague Marines in Rhino
Noise Marines in Rhino
Land Raider
His Strategic Asset was Corrupt and Despoil

Chaos 2's army:
Terminator Lord of Khorne w/ Daemonweapon
Khorne Berserkers
10 Chaos Terminators
Land Raider
His Strategic Asset was Daemon Shell

Tau's army:
Battlesuit Command Squad
Fire Warrior Team x2
Hammerhead x3
Broadside Battlesuit Team
Strategic Asset: Network Markerlight

Ork army:
Da Green Tide
Strategic asset: I don't remember

Space Marine Army:
Pedro Kantor
Inquisitor Lord with 2 Mystics and a Sage
Culexus Assassin x2
Vindicare Assassin
Big Decked out Vanguard Veteran Squad
Land Raider
Strategic Asset: The super orbital bombardment

Team 2: Eldar Army
Farseer with Three Warlocks on Jetbikes
Eldrad Ulthran
Autarch with Jump Generator
5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent
6 Fire Dragons
2 Vypers
8 Warp Spiders
Strategic Asset: Hammerfall

Tyranid Army:
Genestealer Brood x3
Carnifex x4
Strategic Asset: Chimney Spores

Imperial Guard:
Company Command Squad
Inquisitor Lord with Mystics and Sages
Veterans with Meltaguns
Veterans with Meltaguns
Platoon Command with Commissar and Priest
Several Infantry Squads
2 Mortar Teams
Autocannon Team
Lascannon Team
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Vanquisher with Pask
Basilisk x2
Strategic Asset: Giant Orbital Bombardment

Space Wolves:
Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest x2
3 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor and Arjac Rockfist
Drop Pod
Grey Hunters in Rhino
Grey Hunters in Rhino
Long Fangs
Strategic Asset: Vortex Grenade

The scenario that we played was Seize and Slaughter. We rolled the scatter die to find the no man's land and set our objectives, each side putting their primary objective in their territory and a tertiary objective in enemy land and in the no man's land. Contrary to regular apocalypse suggestion, we decided to do the standard roll off to decide who got to deploy and take first turn, with no stealing of the initiative. Us (Team 2) won the roll and decided to deploy first, knowing that destroying or disabling the Stompa was our only hope of surviving.

The IG Player set his ordnance behind cover where it would remain untouched for most of the game and scattered his infantry squads and heavy weapons around and in cover whenever possible to provide support. SW Long Fangs sat inside cover with two Rhinos filled with Hunters to back them up. The Tyranid Player set his spore chimneys up on the right flank to try and completely cover his advance of Carnifexes and Genestealers. One squad of Genestealers and the Broodlord would be outflanking. I set up my Seer council, Wave Serpent with Eldrad/DA, Vypers and Falcon with Fire Dragons towards the middle, knowing that they'll probably be re-deployed due to Eldrad's Divination ability. Autarch/Warpspiders, Marbo, the Trygon, Raveners and Logan/Wolf Guard in Reserves to deep strike into play.

The enemy team decided to go for a two pronged deployment. The Tau and the Green Tide would deploy on our right flank (Broadsides up high for full LOS to the entire battlefield), the Stompa stood in the middle of their line to support either side and all three Land Raiders (filled with Berserkers, Pedro and Vanguard Vets), Possessed, Terminator Lord, Rhinos filled with cultist marines and a Vindicare assassin sat on our left flank ready to roll over some guardsmen and Space Wolves. Next to the Stompa sat both Defilers ready to tear into squishy guardsmen. The Inquisitor Lord sat in the middle of the table behind the Stompa for safety. The Culexus Assassins and chaos Termies would stay in reserve.

Seeing the entire left flank ready to fall, I rolled to redeploy up to 3 units. Seeing that the left flank would need reinforcing, I moved the Falcon, Seer Council and Wave Serpent there.

The lines drawn and the forces deployed, we prepared to wage war......

Catch part two next time!

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