Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everyone Eventually Moves On - The Space Marine story

Pictured above is my Salamanders Dreadnought, the most recent model that I've completed. What's wrong with this? This model was finished at least a month and a half ago and I haven't had the will to paint anything else.

Now, during the Apocalypse game last Sunday, two of my friends (who play space marines) stated their intention to switch to Space Wolves and Chaos Marines. After thinking about it a while, I understand why.

The Space Marine is the poster child, it's the "easy army" to play, easy to make an effective list and has a very forgiving learning curve. The drawback? Once most people learn the game and delve into more advanced tactics, they see that the current Space Marine codex is garbage. It's boring to write a list, reasonably boring to play one and it feels that every other army in the game keeps getting more and more toys that allow it to lay waste to your 10 man tactical squads, your Land Raiders, your Dreadnoughts (I'm looking at you new Zoanthropes!) and what have you.

Heck, even from a hobby stand point, it's relatively boring. You paint dozens of dudes are intended to look exactly the same (props to the new Space Wolves kit for breaking the cliche of a power-armoured face in the crowd). Most of your vehicles are based on the Rhino-chassis, meaning you have a box, a box with a gun in front, a box with a gun on top, or a box with a bigger gun on top.

The Space Marines are indeed the poster child - it's how people learn the game. But once they reach another level game play, do they still find satisfaction in using those men in cans? I know that after playing Necrons, then switching to Eldar, then Space Marines as my latest army, I'm finding them very lacking in unit selection, model appeal and play enjoyment. I really should've saved the $300+ I spent and gotten more Eldar. :-/

I know that most players start out the game playing Space Marines or some other MEQ equivalent. If you're one of these players, have you changed your principle army? Did you play another army and then switch to Space marines for whatever reason? What are your thoughts?


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