Sunday, June 27, 2010


So it's been a month since my last post, but i haven't been sitting on my hands the entire time.

I've completed painting two Tactical squads (nothing exceptionally new in those guys), assembled some more Death Company and Assault Marines, have prepped my Scouts for priming and finished (for the most part) a few models that are certainly centerpieces of the Gorgon Knights chapter. 

First up, is Chapter Master Kelzax (my Counts-As Commander Dante). I wanted to make my army commanders models that are truly mine and no one else's. Seeing as how I'm terrible with greenstuff or scratch building, I went with kitbashing. For this guy, I used the glaive from a Grey Knight, Legs and Jump Pack from an Assault Marine, Chest, Cape, Left Shoulderpad and Iron Halo from the Commander box set, and the Helmet and Infernus Pistol from the Death Company box. 

Due to a wedding I had to attend, I wasn't present for the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center's "Malleus Imperator" event. However, I did have this model submitted into their painting competition and lo and behold.

Here's Chief Librarian Diomedes (Counts-As Mephiston). Once again, I wanted a model that would be mine and did very little converting other than kitbashing. The left shoulder pad, torso and legs come from the Death company box set (blood drops shaved off and filled with green stuff). The cape comes from the Dark Elf Corsairs, while the pistol and right shoulder are from the tactical sprue. The sword comes from a Dark Angel's kit. The Psychic Hood was made using a shoulder pad that I carved out with a hobby knife and the cabling was done with green stuff. This is one of the only models that I will have that isn't wearing a helmet...

I learned quite a few things while painting these models. 

First, patience pays off. Being a good miniatures painter is knowing that you'll have to touch up constantly and techniques such as blending and gradual highlighting are only achieved through patient work. The lightning on my Librarian's left shoulder and the weapons on both model are testament to that. 

Second, I've come to the conclusion that I don't really enjoy painting an ultra-realistic miniatures. Don't get me wrong, I think it's highly impressive work and absolutely fantastic art. But I found out after perfecting my gold technique and attempting some non-metallic metal that it really doesn't work for me. I like that comic book-esque, cell shaded art over the photo-realism approach. Neither way is wrong, it's just a matter of taste.

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