Friday, April 30, 2010

Titan Talk

Image Courtesy of Games-Workshop Forgeworld

The table is yours for Titan Talk. We've all seen them on Forgeworld's website and our jaw drops at both the huge scale of the model and the price tag. We've heard what it does on the tabletop, whether gloriously breaking enemy superheavies or slaying infantry in the droves.

I'm highly considering getting a Titan (Warhound or Revenant) for my next modeling project (since a third army at the time doesn't interest me very much). I'd like to hear what some of you have to say. How satisfying is it to build and paint one of these things? Is it worth it to spend so much money on an item that will probably get used once or twice a year? And on the occasion that you do bust it out onto the tabletop, does it perform? What are your experiences with these things?



  1. We had a reaver in one Apoc game and it just got wasted by a cloudstrike formation but that was using the BOLS reaver rules not the new forgeworld ones.

    I have seen that Heirophants can be pretty nasty as long as it avoids shooting at Ar 2+ targets.

  2. I have a Revenant, and managed to get it into several apoc games with mixed results. One game it got killed first turn, another saw it spend the whole game stunned from a swarm of pulsa rockets. Others its done quite well.

    No matter what you pick, and no matter how cool it looks on the table, get ready for some disappointment on the table when your opponents single it out to die.

    That said they are very cool even just to have on the table.