Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitbashing is the Best Bashing

So I picked up a box of the Blood Angels Death Company for purposes of kitbashing a Counts-As Death Company as well as various other projects.

This is my Company Champion, using a lot of parts from the Death Company kit, including the legs, torso, head and the winged blood details on the shoulder pads and then the sword and combat shield from the Assault Squad. For both models, I was very careful to clip off any and all blood drops from the models. I feel that the shoulders are probably the best part of the model. I clipped away the blood drops and shaved it down to look like a wing and simply glued them to the model.

This would be my Gorgon Knights Reclusiarch (for the occasions that I field my Space Marines as Blood Angels). I took one of the running robed bodies and a power mace from the Dark Angels kit, the skull helmet from the Chaos Marines kit, an Infernus Pistol and shoulder pad from the death company kit and used various other bitz to round off the conversion (such as the Terminator Laurel as a crozius head). While compared to the previous model, he looks rather plain, I plan on doing a lot of freehand painting on those robes to make him really pop off the table.

And of course, the power of magnets allow me to swap backpacks.

So what kinds of kitbashing have you done? How do you do it? Post links to your kitbashes!

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  1. Dude i did the same thing, went out and bought the DCo box and have some interesting things that I want to do with them.