Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Alive

This was a triumph.

I'm still alive, just been buried under a mountain of school work, work and now bronchitis. But hey, sickness allowed me to work on some hobby stuff and post some pics that should've been posted a while ago.

Here's the completed Terminator Sergeant from my Painting Gold tutorial



  1. The gold looks really crisp and bright; moreover, the free-hand work on the right pauldron is amazing.
    Beautiful work.

  2. sorry to hear about being sick.

    The finished model looks great! All the layers and work you did on the gold really pays off, especially when you finish the model with the great free hand details.

  3. Thank you for the compliments. The freehand was a bit of an experiment to see if I could go beyond doing a tiny chapter symbol. The shades of blue in the moon don't come out particularly well and I feel that I can do the stars better. But as with all things, it's a learning process. My next freehand bit will be a little bolder.

    What's that saying? You never know what it is to feel healthy unless you know what feeling sick is? Well, I miss healthy. For sure.