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Apocalypse Battle Report - Seize and Slaughter Pt 2

So the teams were set and the battle lines drawn. It was time to wage war.

For ease of writing, Team A will be Space Wolves/Eldar/Imperial Guard/Tyranids and Team B will be Chaos/Chaos/Tau/Space Marine/Orks

Turn 1 - Team A
With three Land Raiders filled with assault troops, two defilers, a Stompa and a plethora of other nasties lined up at our doorstep, we knew that so much depended on this first shooting phase.

Logan Grimnar and his Wolfguard Terminators drop podded right in front of the Tau Hammerheads and nearby the Green Tide. Between the Cyclone Missile Launcher and Arjac's Thunder Hammer, they only gained a stunned result on a single gunship. The Tyranid carnifexes and Genestealers on the right flank moved up, under cover of the spore chimneys (they would also run in the shooting phase).

The Seer Council cast Fortune on themselves and attempted to Doom the enemy possessed but was nullified by the enemy Inquisitor's Psychic Hood. The flew up 12 inches in front of the center Chaos Land Raider and threw spears into its hull, doing nothing thanks to Daemonic Possession. Eldrad cast Fortune on his Wave Serpent and Guided the Falcon, while Doom was once again nullified, and moved 12" away and fired it's twin-linked bright lance at the Imperial Land Raider and immobilizing it, while concealing most of its hull behind the Space Wolf Land Raider. The Falcon would move 6" to the left flank to gain full view of the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince. After a torrent of fire, the Prince fell. My Vypers would move 24" towards the middle of the board to prepare to assist where the battle needed them.

The Imperials sent their orders out to fire on the two biggest threats - the Stompa and the Defiler. The Leman Russ Vanquisher, the Land Raider, and the Lascannon Teams (who failed their Orders check) would fire at the Stompa and disable both the Dethkannon, the close combat weapon and the Supa-Gatla (a victory, if you ask me). Meanwhile, autocannon teams would fire at the Defiler, miraculously destroying it. A Rune Priest and Long Fangs would split their fire at the second Defiler and the Stompa, destroying the former and doing nothing to the latter, while Grey Hunters would wait for the moment to strike. Meanwhile, one Chimera with Melta Veterans drove for the Stompa, while the other began making for one of our secondary objectives. Basilisk fire rained onto the Noise marine Rhino, wrecking the vehicle. The Manticore would hold its fire until the time was right.

In the assault phase, the Seer Council would fearless ride into the throng of Land Raiders, laying blows onto the middle one in hopes of stemming the flow of melee warriors ready to disgorge from it. The vehicle was wrecked, but all but one Berserker managed to get out of the vehicle...

Turn 1 - Team B
All on our left flank, Khorne Berserkers and Plague Marines would exit their transports and prepare to slaughter the four Eldar in their midsts. Only a single Warlock fell in the shooting phase to a torrent of Boltgun and Sonic Blaster fire. The rest are cut down in the ensuing melee while the Farseer fails to flee the combat and is slain as well. The possessed and Chaos Lord slowly advanced up the field, with even softer prey in mind... The Vanguard Veterans and Pedro fearfully remain in their immobilized Land Raider.

Towards the middle field, the Inquisitor and the Vindicare Assassin would do nothing. Grot mechanics scrambled to get the Stompa's Dethkannon back online, readying it to fire on the next turn. The Green Tide would shout their praises to Gork n' Mork (or perhaps Mork n' Gork...) and charge Logan and his Wolf Guard, who met them head on in a counter-attack. After the corpses were tallied, all of the the Wolfguard (including Arjac) were dead, Logan suffered a single wound and a little over a dozen Ork boyz were killed.

The Tau lit up the Paskquisher and the Space Wolf Land Raider with Markerlights and after three Railgun shots to each, the mighty tanks were nothing but burnt out husks. The Chaos Land Raider would unload its Lascannons into the Falcon, but only shook the vehicle.

Turn 2 - Team A
None of our reserves came in to support us, so we were on our own for now. Eldrad's Fortune was nullified by the Psychic Hood, but his second casting of it went through. Guide went to Vypers, who would move 6 inches towards the left flank to unload their firepower into the Inquisitor and his Retinue, slaughtering all but a single mystic and the Inquisitor Lord. The Wave Serpent would move 12" closer to our secondary objective and fire its Bright Lance at the Stompa, once again disabling the Dethkannon. The Guard's Manticore and Basilisks would fire into the conglomeration of Cultist Marines - slaying all of the Plague Marines and Noise marines as well as several Khorne Berserkers. Mortar fire and Lasgun fire would pepper the the possessed and surviving Berserkers, but with no results. The shaken Falcon would move 18" away to get a Cover Save.

The Chimera carrying Meltavets drives forward, unloads its squad who fire into the Stompa for a drive damaged result and a weapon destroyed. The second Chimera parks onto the secondary objective.

On the right side, the Genestealers and Carnifexes surged foward into the melee. Out of that entire swarm, only two Carnifexes did not make it into combat. Commence the flinging of body parts. Nearly 40 Ork Boyz and the Warboss were killed between the Genestealers, Carnifexes and Logan Grimnar, while only 7 Genestealers and Logan suffered wounds. Another 20 plus Boyz would die to No Retreat! wounds.

Turn 2 - Team B
Due to the Imperial Guard Officer of the Fleet, none of the enemy's reserves came into play.

The Possessed, Terminator Lord, and both squads of Khorne Berserkers surge forward, colliding gloriously into a Mortar Team and an Infantry Squad. Needless to say, it was Team B's turn to commence the flinging of body parts. Both the Mortar Team and the Infantry Squad were butchered to the man. The Stompa decided to just unload whatever weaponry it could at the nearby Chimera, shaking it, while the Broadsides turned their sights on it and, with the aid of Markerlights, sent it up in flames. The Tau Command Squad moved to fire into the melta vets, slaying several of them due to effective cover save rolls. The squad decides to stick around rather than run like pansies. Hammerhead gunships turn to fire on unengaged Carnifexes, dealing two wounds to one and a single wound to the other.

Even more body parts began flying around as another 20 some orks fall to the Genestealers and Logan, with only a few wounds being dealt to Team A's forces, as two carnifexes take a wound and 3 genestealers fall. With less than 20 Boyz standing by the end of this turn, this combat would be over by the end of the next turn.

Keep an eye out for the next post...

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