Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scout Squad Complete

Here's the Space Marine Scout Squad that I've been working on for a while, finally complete. The helmets are from Pig Iron Productions and work wonderfully with the scout models (because as I usually insist - a dude without a helmet is just asking for a bolter round to the face).


  1. They look cool. The helmets give them a very, Halo: ODST feel about them.

  2. Great look with the Pig Iron helmets. I may just have to 'Borrow' this idea. Hope that's ok?

  3. @Kuffeh - The ODST's from Halo were definitely the inspiration behind this squad. I was definitely tempted to give some of them bolters just because they'd look even cooler.

    @Njed - Go for it. The point of blogs are to share ideas with each other, right?

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