Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salamanders Sergeant Bamf

Something I finished working on early this afternoon - Salamanders Sergeant Bamf. For my WiP Salamanders army, I ended up having a few extra bodies to toy around with and hopefully make some awesome looking dudes - this was the first of them.

I learned a few things when working on this. This model was the first time I got to use the Citadel washes and I have got to say I'm in love with them. I tried using the Salamanders transfers on the left shoulder pad, but the curvature of it made it a huge hassle and I've decided to abandon it for now. Free handing it is an option but is a bit of a stretch for me. The plasma glow was a bit of a test for me - I wanted to try something new and a bit more difficult. I'm rather satisfied with it although it would've looked much more interesting had the plasma pistol been in his right hand.

C&C welcome as always


  1. Any way you cut it, the pistol glow is pretty sweet. Good job on it. I mean, I don't think I'd ever give marines plasma pistols, but this one looks sweet.

    Citadel Washes are pretty much just win in a bottle. They do some much for so little effort.

  2. Yes, freehanding is hard, but I´ve got about 60 Salamanders, ALL OF THEM with freehanded drakes painted (That´s what I get for picking a reserve company with black drakes on a yellow backround). But my advise is to take a tank transfer and copy with a pencil on a piece of paper several times, gradually meking them smaller untill they are the size of the transfers. Then do shoulderpads in an assembly line fashion. And most importantly don´t do that when you´re not feeling patient. I can see on my shoulder pads when I was patiently painting and when I was just trying to get it done and away with.

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