Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sternguard Veteran Completed

Hey all,

It's been a long week for me with work and trying to help my friends out with their armies.
I have a friend who (in the last week and a half) has purchased two Tyranid Battleforces, a box of Gaunts, a Hive Tyrant and a Tyrant Guard. Unfortunately, he's still got two more Battleforces coming in on Friday and everything has to be assembled by Saturday for the Tournament. On the plus side, I've figured out how to magnetize a Carnifex.

Anywho, I managed to put together my Predator and magnetize all the sponsons and turrets.
Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz, so no picture worth uploading. :(

However, here are pics of the Sternguard Prototype fully painted and based.

As always, C&C Welcome


  1. Is he from de Burn Legion? :)

  2. I like the model, it looks good to me as a Sterguard.

  3. Nothing like speed building to get things ready for a tournament.

    Your mini looks really good.

  4. I like the mini. The flame is well painted and I like the use of the Dark Elf Corsair cloaks. The only thing I think spoils it is the mud on his legs. It doesn't look convincing enough, if it was layered in different shades and perhaps a bit lower down the leg, I think it would have been OK.


  5. With paint, that looks pretty sweet. I think the Chainsaw Bayonets do a fine job of setting them apart, though I'm a firm believer in some of the Sternguard having combi-meltas (...I mean, it's the one function the special ammos can't cover...). It's the nice thing about marines: tactical squad boxes can cover a heap of the army choices.

    And the speed building? DAY-um. That is a LOT of 'nids to put together. Hope he doesn't want 'em painted, but at least 'nids lend themselves to washes and the like, and Carnies aren't THAT bad to magnetize. It could be worse: you could be stuck trying to mod the old metal ones. (Did that once, and swore off metal models).