Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Army Envy, Model Fever, etc

I'm sure we've all had it at some point or another. We play against an army or see a new model and we think "Oh, man I want that."

I know for me, this happens all the time. I have the unfortunate tendency (due to being a college student in the off-season) to make an army list (or two or three) a day using different codices. While I do think it's fun and it helps me understand what to expect from each army, I always get that desire to build or collect that specific army.

Three lists that I've done recently are a Sisters of Battle army (triple Exorcist & Callidus Assassin :D), a Thousand Sons army and a Space Marine Scout list and have seriously had to resist the urge to start buying (even though my Salamanders aren't even near completion).

Fortunately for me (or if you'd prefer, unfortunately), I have little to no money to spend on Warhammer at the time and that's my deterrent from dropping into model fever.

What do you guys do to resist the urge to buy new models?



  1. Leave my wallet at home when im headed to the store for a game. Otherwise ill be force to buy something. Have my GF hold onto my atm card. I dont give her the PIN of course or else id come home to a closet full of new shoes :P

  2. Same here dude, I just made a Tau and Nurgle List and started looking at prices..
    I don't know what I do.. I don't think I can stop myself ; _ ;

  3. I have to go home and look at the models that I have waiting for me. My problem is I have three small armies, and I keep telling myself "not until you get one of these done, do you get to buy more for the other".

  4. I just tell myself that GW is evil, and by buying their product, I am putting them one step closer to building their baby food factory. And when I say "baby food," I don't mean food made for babies. I mean it the other way...

  5. But you see, feasting on babies lets you gain their powers! I suppose the only power worth gaining is the youth, but still.

    I...use self control and/or a lack of funds. Usually the latter does the trick nicely.

  6. For me, I ask my wife, her AA guns of reason, always shoot down my dreams. Sometimes you can see the death spn and the trail of smoking debris.

  7. If I can resist the immediate urge to buy whatever it is that's sunk its claws into my psyche (either in the store as it's glamorously displayed in front of my face or through quasi-obsessive planning in the form of stuff I'd really like to put on an ever-increasing credit card balance), then I'm usually golden. I tend to keep informed about new releases and such, so I know offhand whether there's new stuff to avoid/plan ahead to save for, so that's not as big an issue, unless there's something amongst the new stuff that I see and didn't know about and it tries to insinuate itself in my brain. This happens a lot when I go out to the store, oddly enough.

    Right now I've got one army I'm focusing on getting playable (one, I said! darn it!!) - but like 3-4 others that are works-in-progress or "allied" armies that I'd like to build after this army. If the new "whatever" does not relate to the current army at all, then I file it away as something "to get in future." Occasionally, I have break-through symptoms and have an overwhelming urge to buy something not related to the current army, but I limit the amount of money on hand when I go into the store.

    For large-ticket items (over $20-30), I kinda do what Barjack says - I call my wife and run it by her. It generally gets outright denied (heavy-duty flakka dakka guns also), but occasionally I get a thumb's up and so I can buy whatever it is with a fairly guilt-free conscience.

    If I have to pull out the big guns myself, I visualize The Shelf of Unfinished Projects in the basement - army spearhead boxes and all - and that tends to take the edge off.

  8. I don't unfortunately. I'm pretty quick to buy new releases, but occasionally I'll wait. For example, I have all intents on buying the new IG Demolisher and Hellhound, but I'm waiting for the new Leman Russ and Chimea kits to hit so I can buy all at once.