Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blood Angels Terminator - Jawaballs' Painting Contest

Hey folks,

I'd just like to show you some of my WiP pics for my submission to Jawaballs' painting contest. I decided to go with this particular model since I felt it showed the sheer tenacity of the Blood Angels and their refusal to accept defeat. Men die, heroes live forever.

Primed and Basecoated

First Coat of Red

Rear View

Things will only stand to get more red from here. I'm also trying to experiment to see what I can use to highlight red without getting pink or something that looks super orange.

C&C welcome, as always.


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  1. Looking good so far. I notice there's no shots of the inside of the left hand. :-p The undercut extension of the jaw/head into his forearm is just horrid...

    Woo! A painting item I can answer! (I'm not the best painter, but I have a lot of experience with GW Reds.)

    Blood Red has a lot of yellow in it and will phase to orange if applied heavy.
    If you want a dark look, try highlighting to Blood Red, do a Baal Red Wash, and then re-edge with Blood Red. This really reduces the amount of orange. (Another option is to just mix Blood Red and Baal Red for your transition stage from the Scab, but that's up to you.)
    Blood Red lightened with Skull White or Bleached Bone goes pink due to pigmentation concentration. Honestly, the best color is going to be had by picking up a lighter red from a non-GW line. But if you're sticking with GW, avoid lightening with pure Skull White. Try using Bleached Bone or Fortress Grey to lighten and a little bit of Baal Red to re-pigment. As you lighten, you can actually phase out the Blood Red entirely. Tricksy, but it removes that pink look.

    Cheers and hope there was something useful there...