Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Staying on Top of Projects

So me being me and being easily caught up in new projects - I picked up a squad of Space Marine Scouts, the first piece of my next project - the Ultramarines 10th Company.

However, this puts my Warhammer queue up to:
24 Tactical Marines (Bolters/Flamers)
3 Multi-Melta Marines
3 Tactical Sergeants (needs assembling)
8 Sternguard Veterans
1 Sternguard Sergeant (needs assembling)
4 Terminators
2 Rhinos
1 Razorback
1 Predator
3 Dreadnoughts
1 Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
Everything from Space Hulk
5 Space Marine Scouts

So I pose this question to all of you out there - how do you stay on top of projects? Is there some sort of magic button that encourages you to paint faster than you buy or plan projects? Is there some other motivation in it for you (commissions, contests, ToP's)?

The table is yours,


  1. I don't have an answer but if you find one I will gladly buy it form you :P Out of all 10 Armies I have only my Necrons are completely painted and that is because they were pretty easy to finish.

    So don't threat you are not alone :)

  2. Just put yourself to it. Paint atleast 20 minutes whenever you're down on yourself about not working on stuff. ;)

    or just make it so you can't buy a unit until you paint one..

  3. I find having an interest in what you're painting helps. And intersperse it with more enjoyable things, like stick a character or tank/war machine in there after a unit or two of infantry.

    I also find blogs (including those on forums) can be good, when you get replies you tend to find you feel better about the project and a bit more motivated. I do anyway.

  4. I definately buy models faster than I paint them. However, one thing I try very hard to do is to not assemble a model until I am ready to start painting it.

    Its a hobby... I am a collector... I could even go so far to say that buying new models has been a sort os "shop therapy" for me. I really do not fret too much over how many little men I have painted or not... either way, they still spend most of their lives in a box on a shelf.

  5. I feel your pain. If you are like me you have many half painted armies. (and a closet full of unopened models)