Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Hand and Photography

Hey guys,

Back from a long week-end of rehearsals and tuba-playing. Just showing off what little I managed to get done before I had to leave in a hurry.

This is my first attempt at some larger free hand. Be gentle with me!

A question I'd like to pose to you guys - how do you take pictures and what do you insist on using?
My camera is a Sanyo 5-megapixel...thing. It's been in the family for a while and I took it to school with me and I use my roommate's camera because mine frustrates me to no end.

My camera

My roommate's camera

As you can see, the color difference is HUGE. The second picture is very clear and all the details are present - whereas my photos are hued differently. What do you recommend doing for photo's on a budget?



  1. I have a fairly old camera that I use for the pictures on my blog, and I've found the best way to overcome the weird colours is to autocorrect it in some kind of photo editing program (I use GIMP, cause it's free). You can also, if your camera has the feature, set the white balance to (for example) the white sheet of paper you use as a background, this can sometimes make the colours turn out more vibrant and realistic. These may be things that you've already tried anyway :P damn old cameras!

    Nice Termie too, and the freehand on the Rhino is excellent, especially for a first attempt. Freehand is scary, so well done for trying it! The only thing I might suggest is adding a little more shading to the skull around the edges, it might give it a little more pop. Up to you though, cause it looks good as is.

  2. Nice looking freehand.

    I too have a crappy old camera (a 3.2 Mp Sony) and feel your pain. My saviors are playing with the settings a lot and then correcting in Photoshop.

    One of the best articles I've ever read was written by the now defunct Wee Toy Soldiers. It's been rehosted over here: . All three articles by Hyun are worth the read. (He's also where I picked up priming with gesso.)

  3. That's some pretty sweet freehanding. All I'd really suggest is a little more shading to the skull here and there, and it would look awesome.