Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jetbike Warlock + Terminator Chaplain WIP's

Well, after I got home from work today (painting houses over the summer, funny how that works, huh?), I decided to bust out the paint jars and get to work.

I threw down some basecoats on the Warlock and also sketched an idea for a freehand pattern on the jetbike canopy.

Now, I have a friend who's graduating from High School soon and has been collecting his army for quite some time now, yet has barely made a dent in the painting of it. So, in commemoration of his passing high school, I decided to get him (in my opinion) one of the most gorgeous Space Marine sculpts in the line and paint it as lovingly as I possibly can.

Some WIP's: 

The browns on the Crozius, the belt buckle, chains and halo are the base coats for my golds, which I'll do later this week. Hopefully, it'll end up better than my other attempts at gold paint.

So if anyone is reading this, how do you paint your golds?



  1. So if anyone is reading this, how do you paint your golds?

    Depends on how "rich" a gold I'm looking for and if I'm using metallic paint or NMM techniques.

    For metallic paint, I tend to prefer a black basecoat. If I want a ruddy gold, I'll lay down a basecoat of Dwarf Bronze and then layer mix up to Burnished as the highlights. If I want a bright gilt, I'll start with Tin Bitz as the base, Burnished as the main tone and Shining as the highlights. And example of the latter: Bad lighting kinda washed out the depth though.


  2. I'll give a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, then give it a Flesh Wash, followed by a highlight of Shining Gold with just a trim of Mithril Silver.