Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Well Spent

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the C&C on the Terminator Chaplain. I touched up a couple places and gave it to my friend yesterday for his party and he just couldn't stop smiling. Now hopefully he'll go and finish painting his army. :-P

Things that I did:

1) Added some shading to the skull and the chest icon. Since I don't have any of the 'new' Citadel washes, I had to water down some vermin brown and apply it carefully. The first time that I did this, however, failed miserably and I ended up getting those dreaded pooling rings. Doing some research, I tried it again but added just a touch of dish soap to the mix. Satisfied with how the wash added some depth, I re-highlighted with bleached bone. 2) With the new recipe for a wash in hand, I did the same to the gold on the Crozius. 3) Having redone the skull anyways, I decided to make the glow effect on the eyes more prominent. So after all work, I gave my friend his graduation gift and upon seeing it, he just couldn't help but smile. Next Monday when we play, I can probably expect a Terminator Chaplain leading some TH/SS Termies down my throat, but that's okay. I just hope he's inspired to go on now and finish painting his army.

Anywho, final pics! Sorry that my camera sucks.

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